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What are the the benefits of Coed Rehab
The Benefits of Coed Rehab
The Benefits of Coed Rehab
What are the the benefits of Coed Rehab

Choosing to go to rehab is one of the most difficult decisions you must make when putting yourself and your recovery first. It is important to choose the facility that offers not only what you want, but what can offer a realistic environment for you to recover in.

Addiction treatment programs offer various options based on length of treatment, type of program, and type of facility. When considering all of these options, it is important to consider whether a single-sex or coed rehab center is better for you or your loved one’s addiction recovery.

If you are considering coed rehab for your substance use disorder, check out our Dana Point, CA facility today – Indah Recovery.

What Is Coed Rehab?

Coed rehab is residential inpatient treatment in an addiction treatment facility that supports both men and women. Coed rehab offers mixed-gender group therapy and an opportunity to interact with different genders during the treatment process.

While some may benefit more from single-gender rehabilitation, research shows that coed rehab is no less successful and further states that men nor women are more or less likely to choose single-gender rehabilitation over a mixed-gender facility.

Coed rehab offers a wider variety of treatment options to appeal to both men and women. This provides more opportunities for clients to experience healing in an environment that works for them.

Coed rehabs also allow opportunities for LGBTQIA+ individuals to experience addiction therapy in an environment that is nonrestrictive and allows and supports individual expression. 

What Are the Benefits of Going to Coed Rehab?

Coed rehab allows you to remain in an environment that is more similar to the world outside of the facility. Single-gender rehabilitation only teaches individuals how to interact with people of the same gender in social situations where substances might be present. While this skills set is useful, it is different from the experience of a mixed-gender group.

By attending a coed rehab, you can receive more specialized gender-selected care and will have more opportunities to experience social interactions without substances while still in a safe drug-free environment. In coed rehab you will experience a wider variety of perspectives and viewpoints.

Coed rehab provides all the benefits of a normalized environment while still providing opportunities for single-gender and mixed-gender group therapies. 

Through coed rehab you will have the opportunity to experience a more realistic environment, similar to the one you will experience after you have completed the program. A majority of 12-step programs are mixed-gender and allow people to freely join and attend. By learning to heal in a coed environment, clients will already have the familiar coping skills for this similar situation. 

Indah Recovery – Luxury Coed Treatment Center

Indah Recovery is a luxury private coed rehab facility in Dana Point, CA. We focus on holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit, through a combination of traditional and unique therapies that promote wellness. 

Our boutique facility offers semi-private rooms with en suite bathrooms and luxury amenities so that your focus can be on healing. Our unique and individually tailored treatment plans are created specifically with the client in mind. By developing a holistic healing plan for our clients, we believe that we can help build the foundation for lifelong recovery. 

At Indah Recovery our focus is on you and your rehabilitation. We support you through individual and group therapies, a structured residential schedule, and a relaxing and engaging environment. 

Choosing Indah Recovery is selecting a compassionate expert group of people who care about your wellbeing. With experienced staff, trained to support drug and alcohol substance use and dual-diagnosis addiction, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Indah Recovery is the luxury coed rehab facility you’ve been searching for.


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