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How Addiction Affects Your Community

Addiction in Laguna Beach, California

While drugs and alcohol are not permitted on Laguna Beach’s pristine California coastline, that does not reduce the number of individuals struggling with addiction in the area. 

While Americans suffered the loss of over 200,000 individuals to drugs and alcohol in 2020, individuals in Orange County lost 121 individuals, over 20 of those persons coming specifically from the Laguna Beach area.

Laguna Beach has long been at the top of some startling lists. With high rates of hospitalization, high overdose death rates, increased arrest rates, Laguna Beach is struggling with a drug problem that may be out of control.

Laguna Beach has one of the highest rates of hospitalization in Orange County. With a three-year total over 300, that equates to 44 persons in every 10,000 experiencing an overdose that requires medical attention in Laguna Beach.

The coastal area of Laguna Beach also ranks 4th in the county for the highest death rate at 31.4 per 100,000 persons, a number greater than the county (12.4) and state (12.8) level for the same year. 

But the hospital emergency departments are the only people struggling with the rate of substance abuse in Laguna Beach. The police for the City of Laguna Beach struggle with addiction daily. In the week of August 12-17, 2021, of the 32 arrests made in the area, 82% of those were for a drug or alcohol offense. This weekly statistic averages to over 1,350 arrests for substance use in a year in a city that only has a population of 22,000. 

Not only overdoses are impacting the residents of Laguna Beach though. 20% of traffic fatalities in Laguna Beach are listed as alcohol involved or had a driver that had been drinking

Laguna Beach is suffering under the pressure that drugs and alcohol is putting on its economic system.

How Our Laguna Beach Drug Rehab Can Help You

The Indah Recovery Difference in Treatment

At our drug rehab near Laguna Beach we are dedicated to supporting individuals through their journey of recovery. Our treatment facility is designed with our clients in mind. By focusing on creating the best therapeutic treatment programs and environment, we provide individuals the opportunity to focus on themselves and what they need from addiction treatment.

Our treatment programs at Indah Recovery focus on the individual’s needs. Our compassionate and supportive staff work with our clients from the beginning to design a treatment program that focuses on supporting them through their specific addiction treatment and mental health goals. We believe that clients are more successful when they help structure their recovery, so with this process, we help develop our clients to maintain ownership in their choices and recovery.

We offer multiple therapeutic treatments meant to encourage total body wellness. By offering the best cognitive behavioral therapies for mental health, we can help our clients recover by treating the root causes of addiction and helping them build a solid foundation for recovery. Our physical health initiatives include nutrition programs, yoga, NAD IV therapy, and physical training programs. By combining the best of holistic alternative therapies and the traditional evidence-based practices, we believe we can help our clients develop a more sustainable basis for recovery.

From our care to our facility, we have designed a treatment program that is meant to provide a safe and supportive environment for recovery. Our clients enjoy semi-private rooms with spa-quality en-suites. Our common spaces are as comfortable as they are luxurious. With a private pool and dedicated workout space, our clients can recover from the trauma of addiction in peace.

Going to a drug rehab in the Laguna Beach, CA area is the best option for individuals who are just starting on their journey of recovery. Through this process, individuals can access supportive mental health and addiction treatment that will support them throughout their lives.

But going to drug rehab is about more than just signing up for the first one you see. Selecting a drug rehab in Laguna Beach CA is about finding the treatment center that is going to best meet your specific addiction needs.

When it comes to selecting a facility, make sure that it is within your budget. Your insurance company will let you know if they cover addiction treatment or how much you will pay out of pocket. However, if you don’t have insurance, you may need to seek out an addiction treatment center that offers private payer options. Through this process you can narrow down what centers are available to you.

Once you have found several that your insurance will cover or that work for your budget, you will want to select a treatment program that meets your specific needs. Some treatment programs require you to live at the rehabilitation facility. These inpatient residential treatment centers are ideal for individuals just starting on their addiction treatment journey as they offer an opportunity to detox, learn, and recover in a safe and structured environment that provides everything a person could need in terms of rehabilitation. Our inpatient addiction treatment program in California often takes a month or more to complete, so make sure that you are able to set that time aside in your life to be successful in this situation.

The other option is to choose an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or outpatient program. These programs can be difficult for individuals with variable schedules at work or home. Individuals who choose to attend an IOP or outpatient addiction treatment program need to be extremely motivated and dedicated to their recovery as they will be faced with addiction on a daily basis. This type of treatment program is ideal for individuals with a mild form of addiction and no addiction mental health concerns; others may struggle with the level of freedom in the early stages of withdrawal and addiction treatment.

After finding a rehabilitation facility that fits your budget and fits your schedule, it is important to look at what the facility offers in terms of therapeutic treatment and amenities. Through this process you can determine if the addiction treatment center will meet your specific needs. While a majority of rehabs offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as the basis of their addiction treatment, it is important to consider what else they can offer. By also completing additional alternative therapies that complement the CBT, clients can develop a better understanding of addiction and develop a larger skill set when it comes to managing rehabilitation.

Amenities in addiction treatment should be looked at as a bonus but may help you eliminate options when finalizing a treatment program. Things like personal privacy, meals, and recreation are viewed very differently across treatment centers. Some addiction treatment facilities offer private or semi-private spaces with attached bathrooms, while others have large, shared rooms and communal bathrooms. Additionally, while some facilities offer large cafeteria style meals, others provide nutrient-rich, diet-specific catered meals.

These differences impact not the cost but will impact how you feel about your stay. For example, if you are a person that needs their privacy, sharing a room with 3 or more other people could be overwhelming and not helpful during your addiction treatment journey. In that case, it may be prudent for you to select a facility when you have a private or shared room with one other person, so that you can focus on your personal healing.

Selecting the correct drug rehab for you in Laguna Beach, CA can be a daunting task, which is why we personally recommend Indah Recovery for your addiction recovery needs.

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