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The Effects of Addiction in San Diego

Addiction in San Diego, California

In 2020, nearly 200,000 people died of drug overdoses or had deaths classified as ‘alcohol-related.’ This staggering statistic accounts for only a small percentage of individuals suffering from addiction.

Physicians and statisticians estimate that nationwide approximately 1 in 12 suffer from a substance use disorder while 1 in 5 suffers from a diagnosable mental illness. Additionally, various surveys show that between 33% and 55% of all individuals know someone who has died of a drug overdose or alcohol-related incident.

This is indicative of the drug and alcohol problem that is surging across California. In 2019, California had 6,198 overdose-related deaths and 1,066 drunk driving deaths, but in 2020, 9,986 individuals experienced a fatal overdose, and a 9% increase in nationwide drunk driving deaths between 2019 and 2020 indicate that approximately 100 more individuals in California died in alcohol-related crashes.

San Diego Addiction Statistics

The Facts About Addiction

San Diego, a county and city in Southern California, alone, accounted for approximately 10% of the state’s overdose related deaths in 2020. Statistics indicate that during the 2020 pandemic, overdose related deaths in San Diego skyrocketed over 200% with fentanyl being the main overdose drug.

Multiple news reports out of San Diego, comments given by the county District Attorney, and the Office of Traffic Safety, indicated that 2020 was the worst year for drunk-driving fatalities in the county’s history.

San Diego spends approximately 180 million dollars to combat substance abuse in an initiative started by Ron Robert, San Diego County Supervisor back in 2018. That same year, 30% of all arrests made in the City of San Diego were related to drugs or alcohol while over 28,400 arrests were made countywide related to drugs and alcohol use.

Studies done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association, indicate the San Diego County area scores well above the state and national averages when it comes to substance use disorders, including illegal prescriptions and binge alcohol use.

But there is hope.

San Diego is using the money to combat substance abuse through rehabilitation centers and recovery opportunities. The county government provides resources, brochures, and information for 100 different programs for individuals of all ages.

But when faced with all of those options, how do you choose the best rehabilitation for your specific needs in San Diego?

When it comes to selecting the correct drug rehab in San Diego, it is important to consider what is going to work best for you. Selecting a rehabilitation that works for you can mean the difference between recovery and relapse. When choosing the best rehab to meet your specific addiction needs, it is important to reflect on what is important in your life and what you need to be your best self. Rehabilitation comes through education and ‘pushing’ from a counselor or therapist to evaluate your decisions.

Rehabilitation must be the individual’s decision and they must want a change otherwise; treatment may be unsuccessful.

When selecting a rehab, it is important to consider the style of therapy you think will benefit you most in this process. Individuals who struggle with maintaining a consistent schedule, who have an unsafe living environment, or who have a severe form of addiction may not be successful in an outpatient rehab facility when clients must attend scheduled meetings and live a successful sober life surrounded by drugs and alcohol.

In that case, those individuals would probably be more successful in an inpatient residential facility where they are monitored, and treatment is easy to access. Inpatient care offers multiple opportunities for individuals to be supported and monitored while accessing 24/7 addiction treatment. Inpatient facilities are comprehensive, and offer monitored supportive care from detoxification through aftercare. Residential care offers individuals the opportunity to totally focus on rehabilitation and develop self-management and real-world skills in an isolated and drug-free environment.

After deciding whether inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation best fits your specific needs, clients should evaluate the therapy styles available at the remaining treatment centers. Through this process clients should evaluate the additional alternative and unique therapies available to them through the treatment center. This can vary from medically assisted treatment to yoga, mindfulness, and Reiki to realign your center. The variety of alternative and unique therapies are designed to increase the stable mental health structure you develop through addiction treatment.

Following this decision, individuals searching for the best rehabilitation for their recovery should consider the cost and location of the treatment center. While most treatment centers accept some insurances, make sure to select one that accepts your specific policy, and if it does not cover the entire cost, that they have some sort of payment plan, because with addiction treatment programs, you get what you pay for.

By selecting an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center that works for your treatment type, therapeutic style, and within your budget, you can start to look at where the rehab is located. Neither option, far away nor close to home, is better or worse for addiction treatment. Both have equal stressors for very different reasons. But selecting a location that works for your needs either far away as an opportunity to reset and restart or close to home to rebuild and reclaim lost relationships and opportunities, selecting the treatment center that meets your needs is the most important aspect.

Finally, after narrowing down the location, who accepts your insurance, what type of treatment, and the style of therapy you think you will benefit from most, you should consider which is most appealing for your recovery. The amenities at rehab facilities range from glorified hospital rooms to private and semi-private suites with bathrooms and room to explore or for privacy. Some facilities will offer recreational activities, have a pool, offer hiking, or other physical fitness options, while some will just have a weight room or even just free-weights in a common area. Consider what would benefit you most, and then exclude the treatment facilities that don’t meet your needs.

Through this process, narrowing down a treatment facility that meets your or your loved one’s needs should be clearer. We think that rehabilitation facility is Indah Recovery.

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Our San Diego drug rehab center, Indah Recovery, offers multiple therapeutic treatments for substance use disorders. We offer a variety of alternative therapies to support clients’ choices for holistic healing. With unique therapies like yoga, mindfulness, NAD IV, and biofeedback our clients can develop a better understanding of their mental and physical health, which in turn, helps heal the spiritual wounds left by addiction.

Contact us today to see how our addiction treatment facility can support your transition to a sober lifestyle.

At Indah Recovery, we strive to ensure your lasting success by creating a structured aftercare plan to help with ongoing sobriety after leaving treatment. Aftercare is one of the most crucial elements of treatment, and therefore a comprehensive aftercare plan is essential to helping you face daily challenges while remaining sober. If you or a loved one are ready to seek addiction treatment, choose Recovery at our drug rehab in Orange County, California.

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