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Music Therapy

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Understanding Music Therapy

Music Therapy

When we think about helping people with addiction, we often think about sending them to rehab and getting them through detox and one-on-one or group therapy. What most folks who aren’t part of the treatment community may not realize is that there has been much work done in improving rehabilitation and the various treatments and techniques used and that true recovery is now much more than just detox and addiction counseling. 

More and more types of therapies are being used daily to help people with addiction, and even some alternative and non-traditional therapies are showing surprising benefits when it comes to addiction. Knowing what some of them are and what they can do for your loved one who is struggling with addiction can make the difference between recovery and relapse. Music therapy is one surprisingly useful therapy type that is beneficial alongside traditional therapy. Many rehab centers are using non-traditional therapies like art and music to help their clients deal with the emotional and psychological issues that go along with being addicted. 

Indah Recovery is a Dana Point treatment center committed to getting our clients and their families the help they need with their unique addiction. We know that addiction is a lifelong struggle and that only through rehab and the right course of treatment can people hope for long-term sobriety. That’s why today we are going to focus on music therapy, what it is, what it’s used to treat, the benefits of music therapy in rehab, and how to find a treatment center that offers music therapy in Dana Point.

What Is Music Therapy?

Healing through sound

Dana Point music therapy rehab is a type of alternative treatment that uses music to help people with addiction, and different addiction-related conditions and problems deal with them and work towards long-term recovery. Music therapy for substance abuse in Dana Point has shown to be highly effective for people that struggle with underlying issues and may have even relapsed or failed at treatment before. 

Music has been shown to have therapeutic benefits for children, adults, and even the elderly in a wide range of settings, which is one of the reasons it has become more widely used in treatment centers for those with substance use disorders. By being added to traditional therapy, music therapy can improve the effects of other options and give clients a higher chance of success than with just group therapy or one-on-one talk therapy alone. 

Music therapy is typically performed in a calm but clinical setting with a licensed musical therapist or a therapist who has a certification to use music as a therapy tool, and the client and therapist work together to achieve specific goals related to that individual’s unique addiction and circumstances. 

This can range from treating emotional and psychological issues, to allowing someone to calm down if they are experiencing stress or anger, to helping build confidence, develop coping skills, and much more. The type and focus of the therapy will differ by person, but there are several uses for those with a substance use disorder.  

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction in Dana Point and think that music therapy may help in your recovery process, then contact Indah Recovery today and let us get started helping you on your journey to a successful long-term recovery. Indah Recovery offers Orange County substance abuse programs and holistic addiction treatment.

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Are There Music Therapy Programs For Addiction Recovery in Dana Point?

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Yes, as we’ve mentioned, many treatment facilities are now offering music therapy and other holistic treatment options to improve the long-term chances of success for their clients. You can find music therapy and many other treatment options at your local addiction recovery center in Dana Point, such as us here at Indah Recovery.

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Indah Recovery Offers Music Therapy For Substance Abuse in Dana Point

The first step on the journey to recovery is to admit that you need help. Once you do, Indah Recovery is here for you with a wide array of treatment options, including music therapy to help you cope with your addiction, get sober and stay sober for a lifetime. We understand that addiction recovery is a process, and we believe in being there for our clients throughout that process. 

From detox, to treatment to aftercare, Indah Recovery believes that everyone deserves to live a life free of addiction. When you’re ready to get help, visit our treatment center, and our warm and welcoming staff will be there, ready to help.

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"Very professional staff, amazing food! Rachel is a master chef. Clean facilities, with genuinely compassionate crew that are there to help day or night."

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“I've been to many detox’s and this is by far the best one! The staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable 24/7. From the luxurious facility, to the loving and caring techs and nurses, you won’t find many places like this!”

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“If you're looking for top tier drug and alcohol treatment this is the place. The environment is beautiful but most of all it’s the staff that makes the experience of this huge life change that much easier.”

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“I had a really great experience at Indah - the team there was really helpful from intake to discharge. They made sure that I was comfortable but also challenged me to really look at myself. I'm really grateful for everything the team at Indah has done for me. Highly recommend! Plus there are two really cute huskies!”

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