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Preparing for Life in Recovery

Holistic Treatment

Learn more about how Indah Recovery performs holistic treatment that can help you during the recovery process.


Experience expert, medical detoxification at our Orange County treatment center in Dana Point, California.

Residential Inpatient

Our residential inpatient program offers a unique experience combining modern & holistic treatment methods.

Unique Therapies

From IV therapy to biofeedback, to mindfulness and yoga, Indah Recovery offers a variety of unique addiction therapies.

The Importance of Aftercare in Addiction Treatment

Long Term Recovery + Holistic Treatment

Recovery for You

Anyone who has heard of addiction or had a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem has likely at least heard of rehab and how it works. While traditional rehab centers are an essential resource for those dealing with addiction and their families, it is not the only option out there and does not always work for every person dealing with addiction. In fact, many addiction treatment centers are moving towards a different approach that works to treat more than just the substance that someone is using, and treat their whole body instead. This approach to treatment is known as holistic treatment. While it is not offered at every rehab clinic, a holistic treatment rehab center has a whole range of unique benefits. 

Indah Recovery is one such holistic treatment rehab that offers a wide variety of therapies and other options that treat addiction differently and provide additional benefits beyond just counseling and medication. It can even help those who have tried treatment before, only to wind up relapsing and starting the process all over again. If you or a loved one are suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, don’t go to just any treatment center; contact Indah Recovery and learn more about our Dana Point rehab center

An Introduction to Holistic Treatment

We Offer You what you need

As we mentioned, holistic treatment is a form of addiction treatment that does more than treat the substance a person is addicted to; it treats the whole body. While holistic medicine has been around for many years, holistic treatment in rehab is still not as common. Still, there are many ways that a holistic approach to treatment can improve the overall rehab experience and lead to more positive outcomes than standard treatment. 

Holistic treatment can treat issues related to addiction that normal medication can’t. This is because addiction often damages more than just our bodies, and healing takes more than just medication and therapy sessions. An addiction can unbalance your entire life, even once you have been through detox and stopped using the substance. We believe that complete and total recovery means more than just getting the alcohol or drugs out of your system, it means giving your life back what it lost due to the addiction.

From the way you think about yourself and others to the way you eat, holistic addiction therapy has treatments available to improve your overall wellness in mind, body, spirit, and the social interactions you have with others. 

Indah Recovery has a wide variety of holistic treatments available that are designed to repair the damage done by addiction and teach you healthy lifestyle habits at the same time.

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Indah Recovery Provides Holistic Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles California

Now that you know a bit more about holistic treatment and how it can help with addiction, the time is now to get started on your or your loved one’s recovery. 

We know how painful and all-consuming drug and alcohol addiction can be, and that’s why our staff is dedicated to finding the best path to recovery for you. We make sure that each client has an individualized recovery plan that combines the best in traditional treatment options with the latest in holistic treatments to improve their chances of successfully completing their treatment and moving on to a life that is healthy and free of drugs and alcohol. 

Indah Recovery is a residential treatment program in Orange County that can help you during the recovery process. Contact us today and ask about our holistic treatment options and how they can help you. 

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"Very professional staff, amazing food! Rachel is a master chef. Clean facilities, with genuinely compassionate crew that are there to help day or night."

Rob H. Alumni

“I've been to many detox’s and this is by far the best one! The staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable 24/7. From the luxurious facility, to the loving and caring techs and nurses, you won’t find many places like this!”

Nicole W. Alumni

“If you're looking for top tier drug and alcohol treatment this is the place. The environment is beautiful but most of all it’s the staff that makes the experience of this huge life change that much easier.”

Richard L. Alumni

“I had a really great experience at Indah - the team there was really helpful from intake to discharge. They made sure that I was comfortable but also challenged me to really look at myself. I'm really grateful for everything the team at Indah has done for me. Highly recommend! Plus there are two really cute huskies!”

Jordan O. Alumni

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