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Art Therapy

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Understanding Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Anyone who has ever at least seen someone with an addiction knows that rehab is an integral part of the process of recovery. However, traditional therapy and treatments aren’t the only part of the process or the only options available to help get free of the cycle of addiction. In recent years, rehab centers have been using alternative medical practices to supplement the standard addiction treatment protocols with great success. There are many parts to the addiction recovery process, and some of the alternative medical practices can have great short and long-term benefits for those struggling with addiction. 

Finding a treatment program that combines complementary and alternative medicine practices with therapy, medication, and other resources can make the difference between whether or not a person completes their recovery and can stay sober long term and whether they continue to struggle and potentially relapse, even while in treatment. In fact, using alternative medicine has led to more people attending follow-up care, such as 12-step meetings, group therapy sessions, moving to sober living after treatment, and other positive outcomes. 

One of the most effective types of alternative therapy is art therapy. Indah Recovery offers art therapy and a number of other alternative treatment options alongside top-class traditional rehab care. Today we are going to discuss art therapy, what it is, the benefits of music therapy, what it is used to treat, and how to find art therapy rehabs in your area.

What Is Art Therapy?

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When you discover art therapy for addiction recovery in Dana Point, you may be wondering what exactly it is and how it works in a rehab treatment setting. We all know what art is in one form or another. Art therapy is a way to use those creative outlets to help people who are struggling with addiction to recover and develop their emotional and spiritual awareness as well as other skills. 

Art therapy is typically considered a type of holistic treatment or alternative medicine because it is not part of the standard psychological or medical treatment provided for addiction. However, it, along with other forms of holistic treatment, has shown excellent results, to the point that many treatment centers now offer it as a standard practice. 

Art therapy is typically directed by a specialized art therapist who works with individuals and teaches them how to use art to help manage issues related to their addiction. Art helps develop beneficial techniques and can be used as part of the treatment process to help manage emotions, drug cravings, and help to develop appropriate coping skills rather than relying on drugs or alcohol to cope with difficult or stressful situations. 

While it is highly effective at helping people with various addictions and addiction-related issues, art therapy is not used as a standalone treatment but rather as a complementary treatment alongside talk therapy, group counseling, family counseling, and other traditional treatments. It can help improve and broaden the impact provided by more traditional treatment means. 

Art therapy in Dana Point here at Indah Recovery may be the answer if you have a loved one who has been struggling with addiction. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Orange County inpatient treatment center.

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Do Dana Point Drug Rehabs Offer Art Therapy Programs?

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You can find art therapy programs that are being used at your local Dana Point drug and alcohol rehab center, like ours here at Indah Recovery. We believe in using every treatment we can to help clients get sober. 

As we’ve mentioned, many traditional therapy practices are now being supplemented with holistic and natural treatments like art therapy, creating a much more effective type of rehab.

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Indah Recovery Offers Art Therapy in Dana Point

Getting help for an addiction is the most important step you can take. When you come to Indah Recovery in Dana Point, you’ll get a personalized experience that works to treat your unique addiction. Our highly trained staff will create a plan that includes the therapies that will be most effective to get you toward long-term recovery. 

We offer traditional therapy as well as options like art therapy to create an effective form of treatment that maximizes our clients treatment potential and odds of success. Don’t let addiction continue to ruin you or your loved one’s life, contact Indah Recovery in Dana Point right away.

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“I've been to many detox’s and this is by far the best one! The staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable 24/7. From the luxurious facility, to the loving and caring techs and nurses, you won’t find many places like this!”

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“If you're looking for top tier drug and alcohol treatment this is the place. The environment is beautiful but most of all it’s the staff that makes the experience of this huge life change that much easier.”

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“I had a really great experience at Indah - the team there was really helpful from intake to discharge. They made sure that I was comfortable but also challenged me to really look at myself. I'm really grateful for everything the team at Indah has done for me. Highly recommend! Plus there are two really cute huskies!”

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