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Luxury Addiction Treatment Near Newport Beach

Newport Beach Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Find out why Indah Recovery is your top choice when seeking treatment addiction treatment near Newport Beach, California.

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How Addiction Affects Your Community

Addiction in Newport Beach, California

When it comes to addiction, the United States is facing its own epidemic. Last year marked the most annual drug-related deaths ever recorded with over 93,000 people losing their lives to overdoses and drug-related deaths. Additionally, 95,000 people a year lose their lives to alcohol and related accidents. 

Newport Beach, an area along California’s beautiful southern coast, contributes greatly to those California totals. Rich nightlife and an affluent community provide multiple opportunities for alcohol and illicit drug use to take place. 

In Newport Beach, 70,000 hospital-bed-days and 430 million dollars worth of hospital charges in a 3-year time span gives you an insight to the crisis this small county is facing. Women in the county are over 1.5 times more likely to overdose than men. Newport Beach ranks third in Orange County for drug and alcohol hospitalizations behind Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa but having significantly larger populations than Newport Beach.

But there is hope. Organizations like Indah Recovery can provide expert, evidence-based alcohol and drug rehab services for residents in Newport Beach.

How Our Newport Beach Drug Rehab Can Help You

The Indah Recovery Difference in Treatment

Indah Recovery is a comprehensive addiction treatment center in Dana Point, just south of Newport Beach. Our luxury facility and compassionate staff support recovery and rehabilitation in a safe and secure environment. We curate treatment plans based on the needs of our clients, combining the traditional and alternative to enhance holistic healing opportunities.

Our treatment center offers medically monitored detoxification and residential inpatient care. In semi-private rooms with en-suite spa-quality bathrooms, our clients have the opportunity for privacy. In large shared common spaces like the kitchen, dining room, living room, and outdoors, clients have the opportunity to engage with other clients and start building their own sober community of support.

At Indah Recovery we pride ourselves in offering the best of traditional evidence-based behavioral therapies in combination with unique therapies meant to promote wellness of the mind and body. Our expert clinicians are trained to not only treat substance use disorders, but a host of additional mental health problems called comorbid disorders or dual diagnosis. By treating dual diagnosis disorders together like substance use disorders and a mood or personality disorder, clients have a greater chance of successfully sustaining sobriety.

After completing an addiction treatment program at Indah Recovery, we offer comprehensive aftercare opportunities for our alumni. After completion, our clients have the opportunity to access our sober living community or return home, but whichever choice they make, clients will continue to access additional care, whether it be through individual therapy sessions with a counselor or group therapy sessions with groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. It is important to continue care, as addiction is sneaky and recurring.

But what do you look for when it comes to alcohol and drug rehab? 

There are several factors crucial to find an alcohol and drug rehab in Newport Beach. Things like the type of program, style of therapy, cost, location, and amenities all factor together when choosing what is best for you or your loved one.

The first major thing to consider when it comes to selecting a Newport Beach rehab facility is the type of program. While each addiction treatment center will be slightly different, the main types of programs are detoxification, inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare centers. 

Detoxification centers are rehab facilities focused on supporting individuals at the very beginning of their journey of recovery. While there, individuals will go through withdrawal in a safe and monitored environment, some detox facilities even offer medically-assisted treatment to provide medical support for those going through intense withdrawal symptoms. It is important to detox in a medical facility as some withdrawal symptoms can be fatal.

The next step after detox is inpatient or residential care. These programs last from 30-60-90 days and offer structured support for clients. Through intensive individual counseling, group therapy, and even family therapy options, clients can get around-the-clock support to help manage their addiction. 

Another viable option is outpatient care. In outpatient care clients have the ability to live at home and continue working but attend frequent personal counseling and group therapy sessions through a treatment facility. This option is often for clients who have either already completed a residential program and are continuing care or for those who have a mild form of substance abuse and are successful in this setting.

It is best to have an idea of the kind of care you are looking for before contacting a rehabilitation center, and through their confidential evaluation and your personal preference, a tailored treatment plan that best meets your needs can be developed.

The next thing to consider when it comes to selecting the correct rehabilitation facility for you is the type of treatment you are looking for. Almost every treatment center will offer some form of behavioral therapy. While not specific to addiction, behavioral therapies are the goal-standard when it comes to modifying negative behaviors and implementing positive behaviors in their place. If you feel that is enough, you can search for a traditional treatment center that focuses on those skills. 

However, there are many treatment centers that offer additional alternative and unique therapies that work to help heal the mind and body from the trauma of addiction. Newport Beach rehab facilities will offer additional therapies like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Reiki, art therapy, music therapy, biofeedback, and many more to enhance the restorative experience of rehabilitation.

After determining the type and style of rehabilitation, it is important to consider the location and the cost. While both are important, you should look to find something that fits your type and style first as selecting something just in your price range, but that doesn’t offer what you need could be a waste of money and a path to relapse. 

Two schools of thought battle when it comes to cost and location. Many will say that going the furthest away at the highest rate you can afford will offer you the best chance of recovery because it removes you from the environment in which addiction occurred. It gives you the opportunity to access a safe environment where you can get structured support about how to handle the difficulties of addiction. 

The second thought is that you should go to rehab close to home, but still at the highest amount you can afford (you definitely get what you pay for with rehab). Going to rehab close to home starts the challenges sooner, but gives individuals the opportunity to hone their self-management and rehabilitative lessons in real-world situations early on. 

And finally, it is important to consider the amenities available to you in the location of your choosing. Amenities at an outpatient treatment center include things like sober outings, comfortable seating, large-enough group meeting spaces, and common areas. In an inpatient rehab, amenities can include the common areas, lodging, bathroom spaces, recreation opportunities, and meals.  While some of these you could live without, it is important to know what the amenities are before arriving. 

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