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Does Anthem Cover Addiction Treatment?

Anthem Drug Rehab

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Anthem-approved in-network rehab center

Does Anthem Cover Treatment?

Anthem Insurance

Anthem Insurance covers a variety of addiction treatment programs ranging from detoxification and inpatient rehab to outpatient and aftercare treatment for clients who have completed previous programs. Anthem works to cover the cost of a variety of drug rehab options to provide clients with many different options for rehabilitation and recovery. Through a comprehensive list of addiction treatment centers, Anthem Insurance works to provide clients with the necessary therapy and medical care essential for long-term recovery and sobriety. The approved list of Anthem Insurance-approved in-network treatment facilities ranges in size, treatment style, and cost. 

Indah Recovery is one example of our covered treatment programs in Orange County, CA. Indah Recovery is a comprehensive inpatient luxury addiction treatment facility in Southern California that offers some of the newest and most unique treatment opportunities for those who are struggling with addiction. With detoxification and thorough addiction treatment through individualized addiction treatment plans, clients have the chance to recover with an expert staff and high-quality amenities.

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Does Anthem Cover Drug Rehab?

Anthem Can Help Cover Rehab Costs

Anthem insurance absolutely covers drug rehab. While federal guidelines indicate that all insurance policies must cover some form of substance addiction treatment, Anthem insurance covers a number of the most common and popular addiction treatments. While each approach may differ, it is vital to check what your policy covers specifically to have the lowest out-of-pocket costs when seeking addiction treatment.

When it comes to Anthem insurance covering drug rehab, one of the most popular therapies is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy is designed to help clients change their current thinking and look forward. By doing so, clients can focus on making improvements and not the mistakes of their past. CBT is used in most in-network Anthem-approved rehab centers. 

Another popular treatment covered by Anthem insurance is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT uses medications to support and prevent further substance use. Through this process, clients meet with medical professionals to focus on not only the medical aspect of this style of addiction treatment but with counselors and other addiction treatment professionals that assist clients with the mental aspect of rehabilitation. 

Anthem insurance covers a variety of addiction treatment options for individuals in need. 

When a client is diagnosed with a substance use disorder, it can be described as mild, moderate, or severe and encompasses many different mental health aspects. This is important because this diagnosis indicates what type of addiction treatment is best for the individual. 

Individuals with severe substance use disorders most often require inpatient rehabilitation. Anthem insurance covers inpatient rehabilitation at pre-approved in-network locations that offer live-in accommodations for clients that require around-the-clock care. Other clients that may need inpatient care that is covered by Anthem insurance are those who have not met with success in less intensive addiction treatment and those with other mental health concerns or dual diagnoses. 

The next level of diagnosis for substance use disorders is a moderate level. This type of client struggles with multiple factors, but those factors can be managed while still living at home and attending treatment numerous times a week. Individuals in Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization Programs spend approximately 20-30 hours a week in therapy with counselors, in group therapy, and completing other therapeutic treatments like yoga and art therapy. 

Outpatient treatment is the least restrictive type of addiction treatment for individuals with mild substance use disorders. Individuals access addiction treatment approximately 3-5 hours per week based on the needs of the individual. This level of treatment is ideal as a continuation of care for those who have completed more intensive treatment and those who are working on making changes while maintaining their day-to-day lives. 

These various types of addiction treatment can often be found in sizeable campus-like treatment centers and are usually affiliated with other facilities that provide either more or less intensive care.

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How to Find an Anthem Drug Rehab

To find an Anthem covered drug rehab treatment center, there are several places that you can look. You can call, find information online, and search specific treatment centers to find what you are looking for. 

When searching through Anthem, you can call or access their online resources to find in-network rehab centers. Their help will provide a number of in-network Anthem-approved addiction treatment facilities. This list can provide recommendations on which treatment centers are available based on your policy with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. But to make sure that you know our exact costs, it is essential to contact the facility to verify your insurance.

Taking the extra time searching through may not provide the results you’re looking for. Another way to verify your insurance is by searching for local addiction treatment centers in your area. By doing so, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Then, when you find a treatment center that you prefer, you can speak with an admissions counselor and verify your insurance. This will give you a more accurate out-of-pocket cost than searching the online database for in-network rehabs. 

Indah Recovery is an Anthem-approved in-network rehab center in Southern California. Our trusted team of recovery experts are prepared to support each client in a luxury Orange County inpatient treatment center. As a result, our clients can focus on rehabilitation and healing with safety, privacy, and personalized treatment programs. 

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