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What Happens

After Rehab is Completed?

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder is only the first, yet likely most vital step on the path to recovery. A comprehensive addiction treatment program dramatically improves your chances of long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatment is a time of self-discovery and learning as you explore the issues that lie at the root of addiction and learn to evaluate and change negative thought and behavior patterns. But once treatment is complete, what happens? Are you cured? Do you resume your former life picking up where you left off without continued support? 

Aftercare is an integral part of addiction treatment designed to help someone recovering from addiction ease back into life with a high level of essential support. Without comprehensive aftercare planning, individuals recovering from addiction can struggle with isolation and other challenges pertaining to the drastic changes in their day to day activities necessary to maintain sobriety. These challenges and struggles can often lead to relapse, which occurs in as many as sixty percent of cases. Aftercare and robust relapse prevention are vital to preventing relapse and associated complications.

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Our residential inpatient program offers a unique experience combining modern & holistic treatment methods.
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From NAD IV therapy to biofeedback, to mindfulness and yoga, Indah Recovery offers a variety of unique addiction therapies.
Indah Recovery is dedicated to setting our clients up for success in long-term recovery with lifetime aftercare services.

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Preparing for Life in Recovery

What is Exactly is Aftercare Planning?

Aftercare is an individual plan that is put into place once a 30, 60, or 90-day primary treatment program is complete. A proper aftercare plan is designed based on the specific needs of the individual to help them navigate. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a successful aftercare plan supports ongoing recovery by using evidence-based practices and a range of services designed to help maintain motivation and momentum as one moves forward insobriety. 

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that cannot be cured; however, through a high-quality treatment program and robust aftercare program, sobriety can be achieved and maintained. A typical aftercare program will include ongoing therapy and participation in community-based support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.  (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Other components may be added to the plan based on individual needs and include time in a sober living community, legal assistance, educational assistance, help to find housing, ongoing medical and mental health monitoring, and relapse prevention programming.  

Aftercare is a vital component in preventing relapse as it occurs right after the end of treatment when the individual returns home to their “normal life.” Relapse prevention is designed to create a supportive and comfortable environment where a recovering addict can speak openly about their feelings, struggles, temptations, and strengths throughout the recovery process. Staying connected to the recovery community and support system that the person has become comfortable with is one of the number one ways to remain sober and prevent relapse. Another way is to be open about thoughts, temptations, and slip ups. The sooner someone in recovery admits they are starting to or have relapsed, the sooner they can get back into treatment and on their way to recovery again. The support groups in social networks developed as part of the robust aftercare program provide a recovering addict with these outlets to open up to and supportive, like-minded individuals, to help get them back on the right track.

What to Expect at Indah Recovery

Our Aftercare Planning Process in Orange County

The days, weeks, and months of work that go into recovery begin when inpatient treatment ends. Recovery is not a process that has a time limit. It is a lifelong process that requires ongoing work and effort. Those who are new to recovery must be constantly mindful of people, places, and situations that may be triggering and cause them to use or crave substances again. Without a specific plan for managing these triggers and the associated challenges of sober living, there is a far greater risk for relapse.  As the end of your treatment program nears, the experienced, professional staff at Indah Recovery will work with you to create a comprehensive aftercare plan designed to ensure you are adequately supported in the weeks and months after you leave treatment. 

Some treatment alumni opt to transition into a sober living house in Dana Point for a period before returning home, whereas others choose to return home to their families. Regardless of your choice, our goal is to provide our alumni with healthy, adequate coping skills, which are essential to ongoing recovery. We help clients identify the necessary resources and support within their communities. We help to build a “life roadmap” upon discharge that spells out specific behaviors and goals for each person. Each individual roadmap addresses actions necessary to continue progress, personal strengths, and interests to continue to develop and personal limitations and areas of challenge. Following these unique life roadmaps will help Indah Recovery alumni live sober, healthy lives.

Staying Connected to Others

The Importance of Participating in Our Alumni Program

Addiction recovery is a long and challenging process. Residential treatment is an excellent start to help recovering addicts identify the barriers that keep them from becoming sober and maintaining their recovery. Another benefit to residential treatment is that it removes individuals from their environments often wrought with triggers to allow them time to make necessary personal and behavioral changes to aid in their recovery. However, upon returning home to families, friends, and jobs, staying on track can become difficult. At this time, it is essential to know when and how to use the skills that were learned in practice during treatment. Recovering addicts, regardless of how long they’ve been in recovery, must be consistently attentive to their sobriety to avoid slips or a full relapse. At Indah Recovery, our aftercare planning sets treatment program alumni up for long-term success. 

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At Indah Recovery, we designed our aftercare program to set each of our treatment alumni up for long-term sobriety and successful recovery. We can help you find your path to recovery at our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Dana Point. Learn more about how Indah Recovery’s treatment and aftercare programs can help you find lasting freedom from drugs or alcohol today. Contact us for a tour of our addiction treatment center to consider continuing your journey of recovery in Orange County today.

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