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Drug & Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol

Detox in Orange County

Long term substance abuse and addiction result in significant physical and physical health difficulties. Addiction knows no barriers. It does not care if you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, employed or unemployed, religious or otherwise. Addiction can strike anyone at any time. Deciding to seek treatment can be one of the most difficult challenges one voluntarily chooses to do. Indeed, the withdrawal and detox process are not often easy, and some potentially dangerous side effects are common. It is highly recommended one goes through the withdrawal and detox process at a treatment center.

Experience expert, medical detoxification at our Orange County treatment center in Dana Point, California.
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Our residential inpatient program offers a unique experience combining modern & holistic treatment methods.
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From NAD IV therapy to biofeedback, to mindfulness and yoga, Indah Recovery offers a variety of unique addiction therapies.
Indah Recovery is dedicated to setting our clients up for success in long-term recovery with lifetime aftercare services.

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Understanding Treatment

What is Detoxification?

For many addicts to enter treatment, detox is a first and necessary step required to cleanse the body of any substance. Only after your system is “clean” can one fully immerse themselves in a drug and alcohol treatment program. Although quitting “cold turkey” may seem more straightforward and less intrusive, it is vital to remember that detoxing on your own-especially from certain substances- can be dangerous and often leads to relapse. The severity of the symptoms experienced during detox will depend on the individual, how long they have been drinking or using, and their substance use.

When someone goes through detox, they intentionally stop drinking or using drugs to give their body time to learn how to function without substances. The process of detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be painful, scary, and dangerous because it requires an individual to experience the full range of withdrawal symptoms. While using, the body and brain become accustomed to functioning with a certain amount of an addictive substance. The organs and brain will alter their function to accommodate and flush the toxic chemicals from the body each day. Eventually, the addict feels as though they need substances to function. As a result, during detox, when the body is not getting the substances, the cravings can result in a host of unpleasant effects known as withdrawal symptoms. These can include nausea, tremors, gastric problems, dizziness, and elevated heart rate. In the most severe cases, seizures, abnormal heartbeat (palpitations), and other life-threatening conditions can occur.

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms often cause a person to relapse because withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and sometimes debilitating. Because alcohol withdrawal symptoms are dangerous, it is highly suggested one undergoes alcohol detox under medical.

Can't I Quit On My Own?

Why Detox is Needed

Withdrawal symptoms are part of the detox process for everyone. For some people, withdrawal may be accompanied by mild symptoms that are easily managed, whereas, for others, the withdrawal process can bring about dangerous and even fatal symptoms. This is especially true when detoxing from substances such as alcohol and opioids. For these reasons detoxing on your own may not be safe or beneficial. 

When detoxing from alcohol and opioids, withdrawal symptoms can lead to deadly complications. The most severe withdrawal symptoms occur in a small percentage of cases, approximately 10%; however, emergency medical assistance may not be provided in time without medical supervision. Some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms can include seizures, delirium tremens (DTs), and psychiatric issues that can lead to erratic and dangerous behaviors. Also, acute withdrawal can sometimes bring about heart attacks, stroke, and respiratory arrest.

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Getting Read to Quit for Good

What to Expect at Our Orange County Detox

Detox itself is not treatment; however, it is a first and vital first step towards the treatment process. Typically, you should expect a drug detox program in Orange County to include three essential elements.

During the intake process, a member of the treatment team will conduct an intake exam. The purpose of this exam is to determine what type of support you will need during the initial stages of detox and throughout your treatment program. Depending on the program and your needs, you may have blood work done, talk to someone about your physical health and history with substance use, and have tests to assess your mental and physical health. This last step is essential as it is vital to treat any co-occurring mental or physical health conditions simultaneously with your addiction treatment.

As previously noted, detox can and does vary with each individual. The intensity and duration of detox associated withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on several factors. During detox at our Dana Point detox center, you can expect to receive full medical support throughout the process. You may receive medicine to help manage withdrawal symptoms as well as any other detox related concerns. During the detox process, you can also expect to have your vitals, including blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing monitored regularly. The goal is to assist with mental and physical stability while providing emotional support, nutritional support, counseling, and alternative treatment options.  

Our luxury drug and alcohol detox services in Orange county ensure you are provided 24/7 access to highly trained medical staff, nutrition services, medication assistance if necessary, and alternative treatments to make your detox as comfortable as possible. Your chances of achieving sobriety and long-term recovery are significantly higher if you complete the entire detox and treatment program. In our private, inpatient treatment setting, skilled medical providers (including doctors and counselors), along with caring staff, will ensure you are assisted in the entire process to begin your journey of healing. Through our comprehensive and supporting treatment program, we can intervene when and if needed to ensure your utmost comfort and successful completion of treatment.

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Quit Using at Indah Recovery's Luxury Detox in Orange County

Inpatient medical detox programs offer the best and most successful road to sobriety. In the right setting and with the right treatment options, therapy models, and staff, your detox can be more comfortable and successful than would be possible when trying to detox alone. At our exclusive Dana Point luxury residential detox facility, you can expect high-quality service and upscale amenities. Our clients consistently achieve lasting sobriety and learn how to live and enjoy this sober life with experiential and immersive activities such as beach days, bowling, hikes, and game nights. It’s time to quit abusing drugs and alcohol for good at Indah Recovery Center in Dana Point, California.  

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