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Does Insurance Cover Detox Programs?
Does Insurance Cover Detox Programs?
Does Insurance Cover Detox Programs?
Does Insurance Cover Detox Programs?

By federal law, insurance companies must cover some form of addiction treatment. While this can be different in each state, by each provider, and through each policy, there should be some coverage if you carry insurance through your employer. 

At Indah Recovery, we can verify that insurance and see what coverage is available to you regarding our comprehensive detoxification and addiction treatment programming. Through this streamlined process, individuals can access medical support through the first challenging days of sobriety.

What Role Does Detox Play in Addiction Treatment?

Detoxification from drugs is a crucial part of addiction treatment and recovery. Individuals who do not adequately detox will not be met with success in addiction treatment. In addition, trying to attend therapy while still getting high indicates they are not fully committed to living a drug-free lifestyle and cannot maintain that sobriety, or perceived sobriety, long-term. 

Detoxification is the process of stopping substance use to process out of your system and allowing the body’s functions to start to return to normal. The length of this process can vary from about 72 hours to two weeks or more. The reason for the variation in time is dependent on several factors. The drug used, the length of drug use, the dosage used, the combination of drugs used, personal physical health, personal mental health, and physical make-up. 

Detox’s role in the addiction treatment process is to help prepare the mind and body for addiction treatment’s toll. Proper addiction treatment will help get the mind and body back into shape by addressing the concerns raised in mental health, physical health, and emotional health. 

Does Insurance Cover Detox Programs?

Many insurance policies cover detox. Though it may look different based on your carrier or your level of coverage, federal law stipulates that detoxification is covered by insurance. 

Insurance-covered detox programs can vary. They may be inpatient detoxification or outpatient detox, but they will require a medical diagnosis and an evaluation from a medical professional. To identify the specifics of your insurance coverage, you can contact your carrier with your policy information, figure out what your level of coverage is, and access a list of available in-network treatment options. 

Another way to determine if your insurance policy covers a specific treatment center is to contact them directly. Addiction treatment centers can verify your insurance, evaluate your treatment needs, and through that process, give you a much more accurate idea of how much the facility will cost, out of pocket.

Why is it Important To Detox at a Professional Center?

Detoxification at a professional center is crucial for your overall health and safety. It can also afford more consistent treatment and streamlined care in some instances. 

Detoxification should never be attempted alone. Individuals should always do it under the care of a medical professional and preferably in a treatment facility. This is for your personal, mental, and physical health and safety.

While in a detox center, clients have access to around-the-clock medical support, which can identify severe medical issues, administer supportive medication, and provide therapeutic companionship for individuals going through withdrawal. This process can be difficult and dangerous, so having an available medical support system like those in a dedicated detox center, is vital.

Additionally, individuals who access detox at a professional addiction treatment center can often transition directly into one of their addiction treatment programs without waiting or delaying. This offers consistent treatment by doctors and streamlines care for individuals struggling with maintaining sobriety. Consistency of doctors, treatment started during detox, and continuation of already initiated treatment allow individuals to find consistent success through a difficult time.

How to Find In-Network Detox Centers

To find an in-network detox center, you should check with your medical insurance carrier to verify your insurance policy coverage and treatment options. To do this, contact your insurance company, with your policy information, and speak with a representative about your rehabilitation needs. 

You can also contact the site specifically. Detox centers in Orange County, like Indah Recovery, accept most major insurances and can verify your coverage while setting up a detailed detox and addiction treatment plan based on your specific needs.
At Indah Recovery, the medical professionals have redesigned addiction treatment based on clients’ individual needs. By offering detoxification and addiction treatment in Orange County, and specifically modifying the program to meet the needs of each individual client, Indah Recovery is focused on improving the lives of its clients through personalized, supportive, and safe addiction treatment and rehabilitative care.


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