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Is There Therapy for Family Members of Addicts?
Is There Therapy for Family Members of Addicts?
Is There Therapy for Family Members of Addicts?
Is There Therapy for Family Members of Addicts?

There are very few things that relay the same pain as watching a loved one struggle with addiction. Loving someone with an addiction comes with highs and lows, watching their increased risky behaviors, their anger and aggression being directed towards you, or even needing to grow up much too fast. 

But there is help out there and therapy for the family members of addicts. Groups like Al-Anon and treatment centers like Indah Recovery offer family therapy options for addicts and their loved ones to grow and heal. 

If you think your loved one needs rehabilitation, contact Indah Recovery today. Our high-quality addiction treatment programs engage individuals in recovery and choosing their own goals for rehabilitation.

Is There Therapy for Family Members of Addicts?

Simply put, yes. There are therapy options out there for the family members of addicts. As a loved one you can choose to go to individual counseling with a personal therapist, attend Al-Anon, or attend family therapy sessions with your loved one while in rehabilitation. 

Loving someone with an addiction is a challenging task, one that often brings on a lot of negative self-worth and wondering. These feelings are tricks and the addiction your loved one is struggling with is causing them. By speaking with a personal therapist about a loved one’s addiction, you can get personal insight and brainstorm ideas about speaking with or cutting out your addicted loved one.

Another option are Al-Anon meetings. Al-Anon meetings are for the loved ones of addicts, those whose parent, child, or sibling have struggled with addiction. In Al-Anon meetings individuals work to develop a sense of peace, separation, and acceptance when it comes to the actions of their addicted loved one. Al-Anon works with individuals to build a community and let others know that they are not alone.

The final option for therapy for family members of addicts is attending therapy with your loved one as part of a family therapy program through their rehabilitation center. Through this process you will meet with your loved one and their counselor and discuss. This is a positive option because the counselor is familiar with your loved one’s addiction and is there to support both you and them in recovering from the trauma of addiction.

How Can You Get Your Loved One Help With Their Addiction?

If your loved one is struggling with addiction and needs help the most important thing you can do for them is to love them. In this case, loving them looks like an intervention and providing resources.

The best way to have an intervention is to mention the impact that the drug use is having on them and you; keep it factual and non-emotional. Then provide them with rehabilitation resources. Finding rehab centers that would fit their specific needs and giving them the number to call or the time of an appointment might be what they need to make the change.

Remember, addiction is a tricky disorder. It disguises real feelings and motivations. Just because you want your loved one to go to rehab doesn’t mean they will. They need to want to change as much as you want them to for real recovery to begin.

Why Does Indah Recovery Incorporate Therapy for Family Members of Addicts Into Addiction Treatment Programs?

At Indah Recovery, our comprehensive treatment programs include family members because we believe that healing and addiction recovery comes from treating the root causes of addiction. By including our client’s family, and other significant people, we can help them build a support system and promote healing in the relationships that have been damaged by addiction. 

Our treatment programs combine the traditional with the alternative to create a sense of wellness through rehabilitation. 

Contact us today to see how we can support you or your loved one on the path to sobriety today.


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