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How to Get Insurance to Pay For Rehab
How to Get Insurance To Pay For Rehab
How to Get Insurance To Pay For Rehab
How to Get Insurance to Pay For Rehab

The top deterrent in getting quality mental health care for a substance abuse disorder is the cost of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation frequently costs more than people are able to pay out of pocket, especially when 54% of US Citizens are living paycheck to paycheck. 

However, there is hope. Most insurance companies will pay a portion of the costs of rehabilitation including detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient care. Medicare and Medicaid even pay for medically-assisted treatment of some substance use disorders.

Indah Recovery, a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Dana Point, California accepts many major insurance company policies and will verify your benefits ahead of time so you can know what to expect. Contact Indah Recovery today to get substance abuse care right away.

How Do You Get Insurance to Pay For Rehab?

Most major insurance companies provide some sort of addiction treatment within their client policies and vary the amount of coverage based on the level of plan. Premium plans cover more costs related to addiction treatment, while basic plans offer a lower level of coverage. The best way to know how much your plan covers is to contact them directly with your policy number.  They can give your direct information on any pre approval or required documentation, in addition to the amount/percentage they cover when it comes to addiction treatment care.

Major insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, and Cigna all have addiction treatment coverage. Additionally, if you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, a portion of your addiction treatment may be covered by the federal or state government. 

What Are Other Ways to Pay For Rehab?

There are several other ways to pay for rehab if you are unable to use your insurance. First, there are a private payer and payment plan options, non-profit rehab centers, SAMHSA grants, VA benefits, and state funding.

Private payer and payment plan options include the individual taking responsibility for payment not covered by insurance. This is an expensive option and does not utilize the resources available to you.

Non-profit rehab centers offer addiction treatment programs for individuals unable to pay for rehabilitation. While these programs offer structured support, they can often not provide the holistic quality treatment that other for-profit rehabilitation centers can. 

SAMHSA grants are federally funded and awarded to specific rehabilitation centers in order for clients to receive either free or reduced-cost professional care at a rehabilitation center. 

Veterans Affairs benefits include mental health and addiction treatment services for little to no cost. Accessing VA benefits can be done by accessing your local VA. 

State funding can also be available to clients. State funding is often determined by family size and household income. 

These additional ways to pay for addiction treatment are worth every hassle to get the correct addiction treatment for your maintained sobriety.

How Can Indah Recovery Support Me?

Indah Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Dana Point, California. Our comprehensive therapeutic programs offer multiple addiction treatments and access to a safe and relaxing environment for recovery. 

By combining the best traditional evidence-based practices with alternative, motivating, and mindful therapies we work to provide our clients the support and education necessary for their successful sustainable sobriety.

At Indah Recovery we work with many major insurance companies to offer you the best rate for the high-quality care we provide. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff are available to verify your benefits and work with you to find payment options that work for you, so you or your loved one can access the addiction treatment support they need.

At Indah Recovery we can help you recover from substance abuse for good.


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