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Aetna drug rehab coverage
Is There Aetna Rehab Coverage?
Is There Aetna Rehab Coverage?
Aetna drug rehab coverage

When it comes to rehab, there’s no doubt that it can cost money that you don’t currently have. The key is to find an approved rehab center that will accept your insurance and utilize your policy to help pay for treatment.  In addition to insurance coverage, most treatment centers also have a private payment option for individuals to personally cover the remaining balance.

At Indah Recovery we work with your insurance to get you the most out of your addiction treatment plan. Prior to entry, we will verify your insurance and let you know what is and isn’t covered through your plan. Our addiction treatment center utilizes Aetna rehab coverage and many other top insurance policies. 

What Is Aetna Insurance?

Aetna is an insurance company that provides policies in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, and Washington. 

Aetna insurance is a “health care company that’s building a healthier world.” They provide comprehensive insurance policies across the United States in an attempt to support a healthy population and a healthy future. 

Aetna insurance is accepted by a number of rehabilitation centers across California, including Indah Recovery; a luxury treatment facility designed to support individuals through unique therapies.

Is There Aetna Rehab Coverage?

Aetna does have rehab coverage as part of its’ policies. Aetna claims that “[they are] fighting the massive opioid crisis in our country through coverage of holistic and alternative treatments.” Through this process, they are offering opioid alternatives and covering alternative medications based on nationwide data about prescriptions. 

The best way to check to see if your Aetna policy covers rehabilitation is to call and have them tell you what is covered by your policy. If you call the number listed on their website, an individual will be able to tell you what your policy covers and where your insurance is accepted. Additionally, you can do this in the reverse as well. Most insurance accepting rehabilitation centers will contact the insurance company for you and determine what coverage is available to you through their facility. 

How Indah Recovery Can Help You With Addiction Today

Not only does Indah Recovery accept Aetna rehab coverage, but we are happy to pre-verify your insurance to determine what the cost and payment are and ensure that we can get you the best treatment for the lowest cost. 

At Indah Recovery our treatment facility supports individuals beginning with detoxification. Our California location has state-of-the-art medically monitored detox available to our clients. With supportive and interactive care, you never have to be alone through withdrawal. Clinicians and medical support staff will be with you every step of the way. 

Following detoxification, the real work starts with battling addiction. Through residential addiction treatment, our clients access a number of holistic and evidence-based treatment procedures that promote healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Clients who previously struggle with quitting drugs and alcohol will find that the support system available in our residential luxury facility is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Our complex treatments are designed to support clients through every step of the treatment process. 

Finally, our support doesn’t end there. With extensive aftercare planning, while attending rehab, we support our clients through implementation and alumni programming. 

Your sustained sobriety is our goal. We make that a reality in a luxury environment that is designed to feel like home. In sunny California, with daily averages of 75 degrees, you can recover and relax in a safe and supportive environment. 

Contact us today to see how we can support your rehabilitation at Indah Recovery.


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