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How to do an intervention for an alcoholic?
How to Do an Intervention for an Alcoholic
How to Do an Intervention for an Alcoholic
How to do an intervention for an alcoholic?

Are you concerned about a loved one’s alcohol or drug use? Have you noticed it having a negative impact on their body, relationships, or life? 

An intervention may be one way that you can get through to your loved one about the impact their substance use is having on their life and yours. At Indah Recovery we are prepared to support their journey to a healthy and sober lifestyle. Today we’d like to discuss how to do an intervention for an alcoholic. 

What Are Common Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), or alcoholism, is defined as “an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.” 

AUD can range from mild to severe depending on the number of symptoms that a person experiences in the span of a year. The AUDIT – Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test – is a series of questions that determine those symptoms. Ranging from questions about how many drinks per week a person consumes, to the risky behaviors they engage in while drinking, this test is a comprehensive, yet initial, assessment of how alcohol impacts a person’s life. 

If you are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol consumption, you may be wondering how to help them. An intervention is one way to bring the impact of alcohol use to the person’s attention.

Tips on How to Do an Intervention for an Alcoholic

An intervention is a planned and organized attempt to get someone to seek help with addiction. The type of intervention necessary is dependent on the severity of the dependency to alcohol. An intervention might include educational information, hard truths, and facilitate information about treatment centers.

For mild AUD, a doctor encouraging treatment after an accident or a friend recommending rehab may be enough. Early intervention attempts are likely to be helpful for people who have experienced an accident while driving impaired or a woman who is pregnant. 

For moderate to severe AUD, a more intensive response is necessary. Studies have shown that Motivational Interviewing has been successful for reducing the number of alcohol use days.

Additionally, and maybe the hardest part of intervention, is the truth telling. When planning and staging an intervention, each person involved must tell how the user’s substance abuse has impacted them and what they are willing to do if this person refuses treatment. By laying out these clear indicators of choice, the individual can see the impact that their substance use has on others, not just themselves. If your loved one realizes they’re ready or you want to be able to provide educational resources for recovery, Indah Recovery is the rehab treatment center in the Orange County, CA area. 

How Can Indah Recovery Help Your Loved One Today?

Our luxury treatment facility is the premier Dana Point alcohol detox and addiction treatment center. With expert clinicians and staff, our residential inpatient treatment program offers a combination of traditional evidence-based therapies with unique alternative therapies to encourage holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

With experienced staff to support your loved one every step of the way through a detailed and individualized treatment program, we help our clients understand the root cause of their addiction and battle the challenges that arise with rehabilitation.

Our state-of-the-art medically monitored detox is the first step to recovery. Through our detox program physicians will evaluate the severity of the clients AUD and support them through withdrawal. By creating unique treatment plans to meet the individual needs of the client, we can curate a holistic healing experience to reduce the chances of relapse after the rehabilitation program has ended.

At Indah Recovery, we are proud to offer a luxury modern facility with high-end amenities to comfort your loved one through the addiction treatment and rehabilitation process. We have created a facility that feels like home, with spacious rooms, a pool, and fully equipped common areas. 

Contact Indah Recovery for more information about how we can support your loved one on the journey to sobriety.


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