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The best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California.
Find the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California Today
Find the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California Today
The best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California.

Do you or a loved one have a mental health disorder that is out of control because of alcohol or drug use? Have you found that managing your anxiety, bipolar disorder, or depression is more challenging with other substances in your system? Have you or your loved one been self-medicating to manage the side effects of anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or another mental health issue?

This is where dual diagnosis treatment becomes necessary. At Indah Recovery, our expert staff is trained to help you manage your mental health issues and treat your addiction. 

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is when an addiction treatment center also treats a co-occurring mental health issue. Co-occurring mental health disorders can include, but are not limited to, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, ADHD, schizophrenia, and other personality disorders. 

Addiction studies have shown that 40-60% of people with alcohol and drug use disorders have a co-occurring mental health issue that may be diagnosed or undiagnosed. In fact, the National Comorbidity Study showed that people with alcohol use disorder are 2 to 3 times more likely to have anxiety than a person who doesn’t. 

According to, about 1 in 4 people have both a serious mental illness and a substance use disorder. Studies have shown that this is due to the fact that mental illness and addiction have several common risk factors like genetics, brain function, environment, stress, and trauma. Add that to the fact that mental illness can increase the likelihood of developing a substance use disorder and abusing substances can contribute to the development of mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary to treat both at the same time. 

How Do Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California Treat Mental Health & Addiction Effectively? 

Originally, physicians and therapists thought by treating one of the two, either the mental health issue or the alcohol use disorder, the other would resolve itself. But that isn’t how pervasive mental illness works. 

Now, clinicians treat both the mental health issue and the alcohol use disorder as a co- occurring disorder through dual diagnosis.

In addiction treatment  this looks like detox from illegal or prescribed medication, while teaching mental health management skills, like coping mechanisms and exit strategies for overwhelming situations. Dual diagnosis programs have highly trained staff familiar with both addiction and mental health disorders. Their goal is to support patients and teach them the necessary management skills for a sober lifestyle. 

At Indah Recovery, we have highly trained expert staff to facilitate this transition.

How Can Indah Recovery Support Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Indah Recovery is the leading dual diagnosis treatment center in Orange County, California. Our luxury facility boasts intimate and personalized mental health and addiction treatment care. 

In order to support you through dual diagnosis treatment, we feel it is crucial to specifically design a treatment plan to your unique needs. Our premier addiction treatment center offers both evidence-based traditional treatment options and unique alternative therapies. By combining both the alternative and traditional, we feel we can better meet our client’s needs through holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Our staff understands the importance of treating the underlying causes of addiction through mental health and how managing mental health symptoms can cause extreme fluctuations in mood. Our goal at Indah Recovery is to provide you the support and teach you the necessary skills to manage your mental health without substances.

Most dual diagnosis treatment centers in California can’t offer the upscale boutique experience we provide at Indah Recovery. By creating a relaxing and inviting environment, our high-end amenities make it possible for you to stay totally focused on recovery and rehabilitation. 

Our Dana Point dual diagnosis treatment center offers detox, residential inpatient care, and aftercare for once you have completed your program. 

At Indah Recovery we are here to support you through every step of the recovery process.


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