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What is Rehab Like?
What is Rehab Like?
What is Rehab Like?
What is Rehab Like?

Wondering about rehab is par for the course, especially if you’re considering treatment for yourself or a loved one. What do they do there? What is it like? What kind of treatment is there? What fills your time? 

And while the answers to these questions vary based on location, it can help guide an individual in what is best by choosing the type of rehabilitation that fits their needs. Inpatient and outpatient rehab are different and appeal to the needs of different types of clients. 

The best way to figure out what rehab is like is to speak with an admissions counselor, like those at Indah Recovery. An admissions counselor can help you make decisions based on your lifestyle, needs, and requests. 

Speak with someone at Indah Recovery today. We are committed to providing clients with the best opportunities for success in a treatment facility that feels like home.

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehabilitation occurs when an individual chooses to attend addiction treatment through a regulated substance abuse treatment program while living at home. Outpatient rehabilitation offers its clients a large amount of freedom which can be challenging for some but beneficial for others. 

Unlike inpatient rehabilitation, individuals who choose to attend outpatient addiction treatment often find that they are faced with substances every day and must make the conscious decision to choose sobriety early on in the addiction treatment process. This can be challenging and ultimately is most beneficial for a specific subset of clients.

Those who benefit most from outpatient rehabilitation are those who have been diagnosed with mild substance use disorders, those who have already completed inpatient rehab programs, and those who are working on challenging their problematic substance abuse. This type of client will find the most benefit in an outpatient treatment program because of the freedom and personal development focus of addiction treatment. 

But this might not be beneficial for all types of clients.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab takes place when an individual lives at a substance addiction treatment center and participates in their rehabilitation program. This style of addiction treatment may be beneficial for many people because it supports individuals in crisis and provides a safe and drug-free location for each to learn to manage their addiction.

Those who might benefit specifically from inpatient rehabilitation are those who are just starting on their addiction journey, those who have previously relapsed, and those who struggle with multiple comorbid mental health disorders. Through inpatient rehabilitation, clients are able to receive the necessary structure independent and group therapy designed to support their individual needs. 

Individuals with severe or moderate substance use disorders and are just starting on their addiction treatment journey may find the greatest support comes from inpatient rehab. Through this process, clients are able to detox, attend therapy, learn coping skills, and work with their counselors and peers on adapting things they already know to be sober supports.

Likewise, those who have experienced a relapse may benefit from inpatient rehabilitation, especially if you or they were attending outpatient rehabilitation at the time. The structure that inpatient rehabilitation can offer supports clients through their immediate needs by taking some of the flexibility, and therefore the decision making, out of choice for clients. 

Finally, individuals with comorbid mental health disorders may benefit from addiction treatment in an inpatient or residential treatment center. Through this process, clients can address their mental health disorder in addition to their substance use disorder.

What is Rehab Like?

Those choosing to enter treatment always wonder what rehab will be like, what they do while there, and what kinds of things happen in a rehabilitation setting. This is typical, and while most can guess that therapy is part of it, there are many more activities that occur in rehab.

In outpatient rehab, there are opportunities for individuals to engage in individual and group therapy. While these are typically regulated, activities like sober outings and other group activities may arise as opportunities to build community and support one another.

Inpatient rehabilitation is more structured. Since individuals are living on location, more activities are planned through the treatment center. Additional movement therapies, classes, exercise time, and community building time are worked into a schedule to give individuals a time to interact with one another. 

How to Find a Rehab That Best Fits My Need

If you’re unsure if you fit into one of the categories above or unsure about finding the rehab that best fits “my” needs, contact Indah Recovery today. Our Dana Point admissions counselors are ready and waiting to guide you on your journey of recovery. Our expert staff and comprehensive addiction treatment programs offer multiple ways for clients to meet with success on their addiction journey.


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