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Why is Prescription Drug Abuse so Common?
Why is Prescription Drug Abuse so Common?
Why is Prescription Drug Abuse so Common?
Why is Prescription Drug Abuse so Common?

Prescription drugs are dangerous because they are often needed for medical purposes but can cause damage while they are helping.

At Indah Recovery, we understand the complex relationship people have with prescription drug abuse and work with them to understand the root cause of the addiction. We believe that thorough care comes from comprehensive treatment, so we provide traditional and alternative therapies to support clients through every step of the journey.

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Why is Prescription Drug Abuse So Common?

Prescription drug abuse is so common because of how frequently addictive prescription drugs are prescribed. Therefore, individuals who have access to these addictive medications and are not familiar with how dangerous abuse of prescription medications can be are more at risk than others. 

Prescription drug abuse most commonly occurs with medications under the title of opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants. While these are vastly different medications, they all have one crucial similarity. These are highly addictive medications. 

Opioids include medications like morphine, codeine, and fentanyl. These are marked as OxyContin and Vicodin. They are pain killers and create a euphoric high while dulling and numbing the senses. They can cause depression of the mind and body. Opioids have a high overdose risk. 

Benzodiazepines are also prescription medications that are dangerous for individuals. As they are commonly called, Benzos are medications used to reduce anxiety and can be prescribed for insomnia and other nervous disorders. However, benzos can cause hallucinations, and because they are used for long periods, they can be highly addictive. Benzodiazepines can cause a person to blackout and not remember what’s happening but are often not fatal unless mixed with another depressant such as opioids or alcohol.

Stimulants fall on the opposite side of the spectrum from opioids and benzos. Stimulants increase the functions in the body and create hyperfocus. This is dangerous because it can cause hazy highs and, increase temperature heart rate, and even cause psychosis in excessive amounts. Therefore, stimulants are most often prescribed for individuals with ADHD as they can help them focus. 

What are the Signs Someone is Misusing Prescription Drugs?

Someone may be misusing prescription drugs for a number of reasons. But, what many individuals don’t know is that any kind of misuse can lead to dependence and addiction. Individuals might not even realize that what they are doing is detrimental to their long-term health. When an individual misuses any prescription drug, it can alter their ability to make proper judgments.

Another sign that individuals are misusing prescription drugs is the amount of time they focus on getting, using, and the after-effects of the drug. A sign of misuse is when this takes up a large portion of their time; they come up with lies or schemes to get the medication, they doctor shop to find a doctor that will give them the prescription, or they steal the medicine from someone else. For an individual misusing prescription medications, these can be warning signs of a much bigger problem. 

What Prescription Drugs are Commonly Misused

Prescription drug misuse is defined in several ways. Misuse occurs when individuals take the medication in a way that is not as prescribed. This will vary from prescription to prescription, but when a drug is used contrary to how it is specified, this can cause damaging effects for the user. Using too much too frequently can cause health problems and lead to overdose.

Another way that individuals misuse drugs is by altering how the drug enters their system. For example, if a medication is prescribed in pill form, it should be taken as a pill. Individuals who crush the drug to snort it or dissolve it in water to help it take effect more quickly often experience health problems related to use. This is because the medicine is entering the system too fast, and the body will soon become regulated to this increased process and begin identifying which is the ideal state.

Lastly, taking prescriptions that are not yours is the most detrimental way to misuse prescription drugs. Individuals who take someone else’s medication, whether offered or not, are at a higher risk of developing prescription drug misuse. This is because prescriptions are dosed and prescribed to each individual based on many factors like weight, history, and needs. When someone else takes the medication, this can hurt the first person and could seriously harm the user based on the dosage of the drug.

How to Find Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug addiction treatment is available to anyone who is ready to make the change. It is often best to speak with a doctor if you believe you are addicted to the medication the doctor prescribed to you with prescription drug changes. If you think you are struggling with prescription abuse from a drug not prescribed to you, getting immediate detox and addiction treatment is essential. 

At Indah Recovery, we help clients take back their lives from the abuse of prescription drugs. Individuals at our detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation facility are supported with state-of-the-art treatment and care. In addition, our small client-to-staff ratio ensures that clients get the help they need in a luxury treatment facility that supports their individualized needs.
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