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Is Residential Inpatient Rehab for Me?
Is Residential Inpatient Rehab for Me?
Is Residential Inpatient Rehab for Me?
Is Residential Inpatient Rehab for Me?

If you are wondering if inpatient rehab is for you, then you should consider the following questions:

Am I unable to stop using drugs and alcohol?

Do I feel like my life has become completely unmanageable?

Is my health deteriorating from drug and alcohol use?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the answer is – Yes, inpatient rehab might be for you. 

Indah Recovery is one such inpatient rehab that provides the sober community, structure, and treatment based on your specific needs. This inpatient rehab provides high-quality care in a luxury setting. 

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is intensive residential treatment. While living at a treatment facility for 30-90 days, individuals will go through detoxification and a treatment program that is designed to alter the negative behaviors, like drinking or using drugs, and influence positive coping and self-management skills. This occurs through individual, group, and even sometimes family therapy sessions to ensure thorough rehabilitation is provided. 

Inpatient rehab provides clients with an opportunity to be removed from the environment in which they experienced substance abuse and allows them to recover with fewer temptations and develop a more structured approach to sober living. Through their time in inpatient rehab, clients are able to focus on mentally healing from the trauma that occurs with substance abuse and develop and practice social skills in a sober setting.

Treatment is highly structured and can be confrontational at times, with activities designed to help residents examine damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and destructive patterns of behavior and adopt new, more harmonious and constructive ways to interact with others.”

Who Should Go to Residential Inpatient Rehab?

Residential inpatient rehab can support a variety of clients. Those who struggle with traditional 12-step programs, have difficulty removing themselves from temptations, and those who struggle with maintaining a consistent schedule may benefit from residential inpatient rehab. 

Inpatient treatment programs offer the traditional cognitive behavioral therapy that is the standard when it comes to addiction treatment, but they are also able to offer additional alternative and unique therapies that support more than just the client’s mental health. Inpatient rehabs focus on holistic healing through their treatment programs by combining things like yoga, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing. 

Inpatient rehab also removes individuals from the temptations available in their home environment. With outpatient rehabilitation, individuals maintain their residence and pour all their focus into abstaining in situations where they are faced with substances at every turn. In a residential inpatient rehab, clients are able to focus on their mental, physical, and spiritual health in an environment that is substance free.

Additionally, residential inpatient rehab may be the way to go for individuals who struggle to maintain a schedule and may have difficulty consistently attending outpatient rehab. The primary reason for this is because consistency and support are key in rehabilitation. By remaining consistent and accessing support in residential inpatient rehab, clients are able to develop positive habits they can translate back to their home life.

Is Indah Recovery’s Inpatient Rehab for Me?

Indah Recovery is a premier Orange County inpatient rehab. At our state-of-the-art location, our clients are supported through detoxification, residential inpatient rehabilitation, and aftercare. Our high-quality treatment and expert care technicians can support individuals through both addiction treatment and mental health therapy. 

We, at Indah Recovery, focus our rehabilitation program on holistic healing. You or your loved one can experience the traditional evidence-based therapy that supports mental health and promotes cognitive changes while participating in alternative therapies like yoga and mindfulness that heal the body and spirit. Through collaboration in group therapy and independent counseling, individuals can experience a thorough rehabilitation process.

Our focus is to provide a rehabilitative, safe, and relaxing experience in our semi-private rooms with en-suit bathrooms. Our gourmet chefs provide nutritious and healthy meals and our in-ground pool provides an opportunity for exercise and recreation. 

Contact Indah Recovery today to see how our inpatient rehab can support your transition to a sober lifestyle. 


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