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How To Find Cocaine Addiction Help
How To Find Cocaine Addiction Help
How To Find Cocaine Addiction Help
How To Find Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine impacts the body quickly and efficiently. Individuals are just as likely to overdose from the first hit as the 100th. So, if you or a loved one are using cocaine regularly, it is important to get help in stopping use immediately.

Through Indah Recovery’s cocaine addiction treatment program, clients can work independently with medical professionals to address both the physical and mental effects of cocaine use. Contact us today to see how we can support you through recovery.

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive natural stimulant derived from plants. Using this drug can cause paranoia, hypersensitivity, and irritability.

Cocaine can look two different ways; it may be a fine white powder or in small white rocks (known as crack). This drug can be snorted, smoked, injected, or ingested by rubbing it on the gums. 

This drug, unlike other commonly abused stimulants, offers a fast, short-lived high. The body is typically able to process cocaine through its system in an hour. This is beneficial and detrimental. While the body is able to process it more quickly than other drugs, like meth, individuals may use cocaine more frequently or at a higher rate to produce more of a high. This can lead to increased chances of HIV and Hepatitis C from multiple needlesticks/sharing and have an increased chance of overdose.

What Are the Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine use is often characterized by increases in energy and hyper-focus on an activity. However, cocaine addiction and chronic use can cause severe physical and mental health concerns. 

Individuals who are addicted to cocaine may experience loss of smell, increased nose bleeds, asthma, higher rates of pneumonia, bowel decay, collapsed veins, and even increased chance of contracting a bloodborne disease.

Individuals who abuse cocaine may mix the drug making it even more lethal. When mixed with depressants like heroin or alcohol, cocaine can cause palpitations, blackouts, and seizures. 

How To Know When Cocaine Addiction Help Is Needed

Individuals who use cocaine, almost exclusively use it illegally. Because of its addictive nature, cocaine is almost never prescribed medicinally. 

Cocaine addiction help is needed when an individual starts to experience problems with use, experience negative health effects from use, or start to have changes in tolerance or sensitization. 

Individuals who experience problems at work, school, or home with cocaine use should consider addiction treatment. This indicates that the drug is impacting the person to the extent that additional issues are arising, whether directly from use or recovery from use. 

Likewise can be said about individuals who experience negative side-effects from use. If you or your loved one falls into this category, it is time to get help so that these health concerns can not only be treated but hopefully cured through consistent medical care and non-use.

Finally, individuals who start to develop a tolerance or sensitization to cocaine need to seek help. Tolerance is common with illegal drug use and indicates the body’s dependence on the drug as it is now seeking more to create the same high. However, sensitization, more common with stimulants, is even more dangerous than tolerance. Sensitization is a decrease in the amount of drugs necessary to provide negative side effects. For example, sensitization to cocaine can decrease the time it takes to produce anxiety, convulsions, or other toxic effects.

Choose Indah Recovery for Cocaine Addiction Help

At Indah Recovery we work with our clients through every step getting cocaine addiction help. We work with them through medically monitored detoxification to ensure a safe and healthy withdrawal period. We work with clients through cocaine addiction treatment to help them develop healthy, safe, and accessible coping and self-management skills. AND we work with clients to maintain their sobriety long-term through extensive aftercare and alumni opportunities. 

Through our treatment programs at Indah Recovery, clients get personalized attention and care on their addiction recovery journey. This difficult path should not be traveled alone, so we work to provide each client with dedicated staff members, who can support individuals through this difficult process.

We believe that recovery is possible through Indah Recovery. 


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