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Luxury Rehab California: How to Find Quality Care
Luxury Rehab California: How to Find Quality Care

If you’re seeking a luxury rehab center in California, you probably have a decent idea of what you want. You like the idea of a cozier, semi-private, and more restful rehabilitation experience. You don’t want to find yourself in a crowded facility, competing with other patients for medical or therapeutic care. 

You need a rehab center that will provide you everything you need for a successful sober life in an environment that feels comfortable for you. When choosing a luxury rehab in California, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you plan your stay.

Checking Credentials of a Rehab Center

All rehab centers in California are regulated by California’s Department of Health Care Services. The state of California requires that rehabilitation centers meet certain requirements and use the highest possible standard of care for every patient. Facilities must become licensed and periodically renew their license to remain in good standing. 

From time to time, facilities will pop up claiming to be rehabilitation centers. If the state doesn’t license them or if their license expires without renewal, they’re shut down by the DHCS. The DHCS wants to ensure that patients never find themselves in a subpar facility. 

Licensing requirements are clear. Every facility is licensed for specific types of care. Some rehabilitation centers are outpatient only. Some are residential, and others are residential treatment centers licensed to provide medically monitored detox services.

Each center has a listing with the DHCS that states what rehabilitation services they’re licensed for, who they’re designated to provide services to, and how many people can receive treatment through the facility at one time. Rehabilitation centers are required to operate within the parameters of their licensing.

The DHCS also handles complaints regarding rehab centers. If patients report a bad experience, it’s up to the DHCS to hold rehabilitation centers accountable. This is a job they take very seriously.

Choosing a licensed rehabilitation center is important. It’s the only way you can assure that you’ll receive quality care. Before you tour facilities or consider attending a center, make sure you understand what they’re licensed to provide and verify their good standing with the DHCS. 

Explore Unique Treatment Methods

Rehab is not and should not be the same for everyone. Each patient has unique needs that require special focus. Make sure the luxury rehab center you choose is prepared to provide you with the kind of care you need for a successful recovery.

Inpatient Detoxification

Although safe and monitored detoxification is an essential treatment that many people seeking drug rehab will need, not every rehabilitation center is licensed to provide this treatment. It’s much easier and safer to enter a rehab that will medically monitor their patients during the withdrawal process and manage every aspect of their care as they become sober and work to stay sober.

If you’re currently using drugs or alcohol, you need a facility with the experience, staff, and equipment to help you successfully purge the substances from your system. These facilities offer round-the-clock care when patients need it the most. 

Another benefit of choosing an inpatient facility with a detoxification program is that you won’t need to switch facilities. When detox and rehab can be provided simultaneously, you work with the same team. The process is streamlined, and your care is optimized. You don’t need to switch facilities in the middle of your journey. Set yourself up for success by attending a rehab that will see to all of your needs.

Dual Diagnosis or Co-Occurring Condition Programs

People with co-occurring conditions, sometimes called dual diagnosis patients, require a special approach to rehabilitation. Those living with a mental illness and a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder often find that the conditions are intertwined. They sometimes self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to mitigate the way their mental health condition makes them feel.

Resolving the substance use disorder doesn’t treat the mental illness, and treating the mental illness doesn’t resolve the substance abuse disorder. These patients need both conditions treated simultaneously to experience the best outcomes.

Rehabilitation facilities with these programs utilize staff with strong psychology backgrounds who can effectively treat every manner of mental illness. Patients can receive necessary medications and therapies to treat their mental illnesses in conjunction with their substance use disorder. 

If you’re dealing with a mental health condition like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), choose a rehabilitation center that’s equipped to provide you with the kind of care you need to recover. 

Understanding Your Accommodations

People choose luxury rehabs over conventional rehabs for several reasons. They want the experience to feel more like a home environment and less like a medical institution. Your comfort is an integral part of your care.

How Will You Be Eating?

Nutrition is always important, but it’s especially important while your body is healing. How will the luxury rehab center be feeding you? Seek out a center with a dedicated chef that prepares fresh, nutritionally balanced meals daily. 

Where Will You Be Sleeping?

Your quality of sleep is important. Choose a luxury rehab that offers comfortable beds and beddings and provides a semi-private room that will allow you the space you need to get your rest. Ask to tour the facility before you arrange your stay. You’ll be able to determine if your sleeping area is comfortable enough for you. 

What Will You Be Doing?

While the main focus of your rehabilitation should be receiving treatments, the way you spend the rest of your time is also important. Will you have opportunities for gentle exercise and other wellness activities? Ask a center what activities they offer to residential patients.

Checking Qualifications and Outcomes

When a patient leaves rehab, the decisions they make are up to them. A great rehab center will empower them to make the right choices and teach them healthy coping mechanisms, but it’s ultimately up to the patient to decide to remain committed to a sober lifestyle. 

The human factor will ultimately play a role in rehab outcomes, meaning that not everyone who steps foot outside of rehab will remain sober for the rest of their lives, even if the rehab center provided an incredible quality of care. For this reason, you’ll never find a rehabilitation center with a 100% long-term success rate. 

The way you decide to apply the things you learn is completely up to you, but when setting yourself up for success, you need to choose a rehab with qualified staff and reviews from patients stating how they were able to successfully commit to the things they learned in rehab. 

The Credentials of The Staff

Experienced, well-trained, and well-educated staff are instrumental to a great rehabilitation center. Many rehabs will feature their key staff members with brief professional biographies highlighting their credentials and experience. Choose a rehab that employs seasoned professionals capable of providing you with the highest level of care.

Reviews and Outcomes From Real Patients

The best way to develop an accurate picture of what the experience of attending a rehabilitation center is like is by reading the experiences of people who have actually completed that program. Testimonials from actual patients and their families will give you an unbiased look at how well the program works for its attendees.

Aftercare Programs

What happens when you leave rehab? You’ll be out in the world, and it’s up to you to apply the things you’ve learned in treatment. Your rehab center should be providing you with aftercare options. The follow-up treatment will help you maintain your sobriety and face important questions that may arise as a result of your healthy lifestyle changes. If any unwanted feelings arise, you need a safe place to discuss those feelings and continue your commitment to sober living. 

The Takeaway

Everyone attending a luxury rehab center in California should expect the highest possible quality of care. Some people will have unique considerations and special circumstances that warrant extra attention and focused care. Choose a rehab center that truly understands what it takes for you to recover comfortably.

Indah Recovery is a boutique luxury rehabilitation center in Dana Point with semi-private rooms, en suite bathrooms, outdoor activities, and an on-staff chef. We’re prepared to provide patients with the care they need to focus on their wellness and sobriety. If you’re searching for the perfect luxury rehab in California, Indah Recovery is ready and waiting for you



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