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Does UHC Cover Addiction Treatment?

UHC Insurance Rehab Center

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uhc drug rehab coverage

Does UHC Cover Treatment?

UHC Insurance

As part of your annual preventative care visits, as dictated by federal law, your UHC insurance should screen for drug and alcohol abuse. Even if it is not caught and diagnosed at screening, don’t be afraid to reach out to your primary care provider if you feel you need UHC rehab in Orange County.

United Healthcare Insurance, UHC, is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. The company provides multiple insurance plans with varying degrees of Orange County UHC rehab coverage. 

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Does UHC Cover Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

UHC Can Help Cover Rehab Costs

Yes. However, UHC Insurance Rehab Services are provided under a separate division called the United Behavioral Health division. This division keeps all of its services confidential, so you can reach out at any time to discuss your struggles and what options you have for recovery.

You can get help reviewing your UHC addiction treatment coverage with Indah Recovery.

How Long Does UHC Cover Rehab?

Like most things, the length of your Orange County UHC rehab coverage is based on the type of plan you have. However, how frequently you receive certain services during your UHC rehab in Orange County also plays a role. 

  1. Your insurance policy might cover a specific dollar amount for services. In this case, coverage lasts until such time as that dollar amount has been reached.
  2. Comparatively, your insurance policy might cover a specific number of visits, like 12 therapy sessions to treat a mental health condition. In this scenario, this means you get 12 weeks of therapy sessions covered by your insurance policy if you attend treatment once per week. This would equate to 3 months of coverage.
  3. Your policy might also extend to complete detox and ongoing Services as long as you cover the copay.

You have to consider all of these different factors simultaneously when figuring out how long your UHC insurance will pay for rehab. 

For example: Patient B has a policy that covers the partial hospitalization required for detoxification. This extends to the treatment received, but Patient B is still responsible for covering the out-of-pocket cost of medications received during that treatment.

After that, Patient B starts inpatient rehab and has to pay 20% of the total cost out of pocket.

Patient B continues with outpatient rehab, getting regular therapy for addiction and treatment for mental health conditions alongside medications to manage symptoms of withdrawal and bipolar disorder. Patient B’s health insurance policy requires that Patient B pay a $15 copay for every therapy session for addiction therapy, but the treatment for mental health conditions and medications are covered.

Considering the example above, you can see that your plan and how much you can afford to pay out-of-pocket will dictate how long your coverage lasts. 

If that same Patient B could afford 20% of the inpatient cost and had no problem paying the $15 copay weekly, their outpatient treatment could last for a year or longer. This is something that the admissions team at Indah Recovery can help you with.

Indah Recovery is an inpatient rehab in Orange County. Reach out to Indah Recovery for help finding the best UHC rehab in Orange County.

UHC insurance rehab coverage extends to:

Inpatient hospital detoxification

Inpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient detoxification

Outpatient rehabilitation

*Note: Some of their PPO network policies have pre-certification requirements for things like UHC in-network rehab centers. This means the type of plan you have could dictate whether you are allowed to attend an inpatient or outpatient program and have it covered by your insurance policy. 


UHC rehab in Orange County may or may not include coverage for inpatient rehab. This is contingent on the state in which you live and the type of health care plan you have.

Tip: United Healthcare has short-term medical plans that you can get for substance abuse rehab if your policy doesn’t extend to inpatient services.

Almost all individual policies will cover some part of a substance abuse program, except for the lowest Premium plan, the short-term medical value. That plan does not cover any expenses for drug and alcohol treatment. 

All of the other healthcare plans usually have between a 20% and 30% deductible, after which your policy covers an Orange County UHC rehab program. Equally important is that many policies have a maximum term of $3,000 which means you might be responsible for the cost of your treatment above and beyond $3,000.

For example: Patient A has a 20% deductible. That deductible amounts to $1,000. After Patient A pays $1,000 out of pocket for their UHC addiction treatment, the policy will cover the remaining costs. However, the policy has a maximum term of $3,000 which means the insurance provider will only cover the remaining costs up to $3,000. If the total rehab cost is $5,000, Patient A will have to pay $1,000 upfront, the insurance company will cover the next $3,000, and Patient A will be responsible for the remaining $1,000.


Outpatient services might be the next step after completing an inpatient rehab program, or they might be a more reasonable step for you. With outpatient programs, you have more flexibility regarding which treatment services you continue after detox. 

This might include mental health services and medication management covered by your UHC plan, as well as group meetings that come at no extra cost or participation in complementary and holistic services like meditation and yoga.

Coverage for outpatient services is almost precisely the same as inpatient services. The difference is that any individual doctor’s visits, or outpatient rehab are limited to $50 per visit. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment and detoxification services may or may not be covered under your insurance policy. With any type of detox program, you will be given certain medications to help ease the discomfort of your withdrawal symptoms. These medications can range from over-the-counter medications to prescription medications. 

In many cases, things like FDA-approved opioid abuse and alcoholism prescriptions are covered with a minimal copay. But, again, this depends entirely on the type of plane you have, which is why it’s so essential to verify your benefits with Indah Recovery. 

Let Indah Recovery help you start your Orange County UHC rehab.

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