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Does Meridian Cover Addiction Treatment?

Meridian Insurance Rehab Center

Learn more about how Meridian insurance can help cover most of the costs associated with addiction treatment at Indah Recovery.


Explore our world-class, luxury addiction treatment options in Orange County at Indah Recovery.

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Does Insurance Cover Detox Programs?

Does Meridian Cover Treatment?

Meridian Insurance

To get the best addiction treatment in Los Angeles at the lowest out-of-pocket cost it is vital to find an in-network treatment facility that caters to your needs. That is possible with Meridian insurance. If you currently have a Meridian insurance policy, you can search your policy to verify your addiction treatment coverage and identify your out-of-pocket costs for treatment. If you want to add a Meridian insurance policy, it is important to contact your employer and Meridian insurance to determine individual healthcare costs.

Indah Recovery is a Meridian-covered inpatient addiction treatment facility that supports clients through detoxification and inpatient rehab. Our comprehensive facility insurance clients’ safety, security, and a drug-free location for recovery.

Contact us to speak with a treatment coordinator and verify your insurance.

Does Meridian Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Meridian Can Help Cover Rehab Costs

Like all insurance companies, Meridian insurance covers addiction treatment. However, Meridian takes it to the next level and covers more than just the primary addiction treatment. Meridian verifies and approves rehabs that cater to the needs of their clients. Individuals can also use Meridian insurance on out-of-network treatment centers at a higher out-of-pocket cost.

As a Meridian insurance policyholder, you will have many in-network treatment centers that cover addiction treatment. These treatment centers will vary from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment programs and buy needs. Your insurance will cover the in-network list of approved rehabs at a much higher rate than those out of that work. For example, your Meridian insurance policy may cover 80% of in-network fees but only 60% of out-of-network costs. Because addiction treatment is an expensive process, this can make a significant impact on where an individual can or cannot afford to attend.

Meridian insurance will cover inpatient treatment based on the policy guidelines and at the percentage cost in your individual policy.

When looking to see if your policy covers inpatient treatment, it is important to consider what kind of inpatient treatment you are accessing. Impatient addiction treatment varies from location to location and can last anywhere from one to six weeks. Your Meridian insurance policy may cover all or a portion of the time needed for your successful recovery. 

Additionally, your insurance policy may cover specific aspects of addiction treatment that are available in inpatient and outpatient care but not others. For example, many addiction treatment centers combine traditional and alternative therapies to ensure the holistic health of their clients. Through this process, clients have access to not only mental health care but physical and nutritional health care while at the facility. Your insurance policy may not cover some of these aspects and will require additional out-of-pocket costs.

Finally, your Meridian insurance policy may cover up to a specific cost. This can impact which kind of addiction treatment or inpatient facility you attend based on the cost of the program. For example, a luxury facility will cost more to attend based on the high-quality amenities and expert level of care you receive in an intimately designed facility for individual sobriety. However, a larger facility that caters to more people on a more generalized basis may cost less and be more affordable based on your Meridian insurance policy.

Because each individual policy is variable, verifying your insurance before applying for and attending treatment is essential.

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Indah Recovery Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Indah Recovery is a Meridian insurance-approved addiction treatment facility located in Orange County. We provide quality addiction treatment in an intimate facility with semi-private suites, gourmet meals, luxury amenities, and an expert team of professionals. Our goal is to create a safe space where those addicted to drugs and alcohol can focus on the individual path to recovery through world-class addiction treatment. Our clients have access to detoxification, residential inpatient care, and unique therapies designed to enhance and sustain recovery.

Our Dana Point rehab facility enhances recovery through personalized treatment utilizing holistic and evidence-based therapies. Focusing on mindfulness, total body health, and sobriety, our clients are given the space and education necessary for reflection and growth.

Speak with a treatment coordinator today to verify your Meridian insurance policy and learn how we can support you on your recovery journey.

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